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Sport Courts

Our expertise lies in the design and installation of sport courts specifically for residential properties. Regardless of the location within your property, whether it is your backyard, front yard, or the side of your house, we can provide custom solutions to fit your unique space and needs. Our team of professionals will work with you to design a court that perfectly fits your property and matches your vision, while taking into account any specific requirements or limitations. From there, we will handle the entire installation process, ensuring that your court is installed correctly and efficiently, so you can start enjoying your new sport court as soon as possible.

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Sound Reduction Qualities

Custom Courts’ multi-purpose cushioned sports flooring tile has the added benefit of reducing sound transmission, thanks to its unique design. Unlike traditional sports courts that bounce balls directly on concrete, our tiles absorb the shock and impact of each bounce, minimising the noise that would normally reverberate through your backyard or sports facility. This is especially important for those who live in densely populated areas or who have close neighbours, as it allows you to enjoy your sports activities without disturbing those around you.

The cushioned surface of our tiles also helps to reduce the noise of footsteps, making it a great option for indoor sports facilities as well. Overall, the sound-reducing qualities of our tiles make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a more peaceful and enjoyable sports environment.

A huge thanks to Josh for the installation of my court. Excellent communication and extremely helpful when I was getting my initial quote.
Josh kept me in the loop each stage of the process and his timeframes on purchase to delivery was precise. Definitely recommend Custom Courts for both the quality of product and service offered.


We are so happy with our basketball court, Josh and he’s team are amazing to deal with. Quick, efficient and amazing quality. Our kids are always out on court playing and developing their skills. Thank you Custom Courts Team


We had a full 1/2 basketball court installed at our semi rural property over September 2022 by Custom Courts including all of the civil works, the playing surface and the ring and backboard. I was overseas during this time which had the potential to make things tricky.
From the first contact, it was clear that Ryan and the team at Custom Courts knew what they were doing and knew how to make walk me through the process so that I could make the right decisions and come out with the right product. The finished product is incredible and they even stayed around to play the kids in a bit of 2 v 2


Our Premium Interlocking Multi Purpose Court Tile

Our sports flooring tiles are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours, making it easy for you to customise your court to your liking. Whether you’re looking to create a basketball court, netball court, volleyball court, tennis court, futsal court, or any other type of sports court, we’ve got you covered.

  • High quality impact resistant polypropylene

  • Anti-slip textured surface

  • Anchor point

  • Sound reduction qualities

  • Premium ball bounce

  • Fully cushioned sprung tile

  • Shock absorbing technology